September 17 / Complete Wastes of Time

Well. That was a good time.

Granted, it was probably not smart of me to plan a book launch, a tour stop, and then decide to, you know, pack up and move eleven hundred miles in between these two events. But, that’s how it all worked out. I threw the book launch for Windswept on one Sunday, drove my family to Seattle the following morning, then had a Welcome-To-Seattle-Please-Buy-My-Book party the following Sunday. I think everyone had a great time, but I wouldn’t recommend this tactic for your book launch, Dear Reader.

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In the world of Windswept, people sign long contracts with conglomerates to become Indentures. Part of that contract is that you have a tattoo on your cheek denoting your field of expertise. These tattoos are fashionable, flattering, and they hurt like hell when applied.

When people Breach their Indenture and sign up with the Universal Freelancer’s Union, they get another tattoo, one of the Union’s logo, a clenched fist. It’s a reminder that an injury to one is an injury to all, and that all will pound the bejeezus out of anyone who starts something.

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July 17 / Windswept

I hope you’ve never read Terry Pratchett.

I hope you look at Twitter and Facebook and see all the encomiums to Terry Pratchett and ask yourself, “What’s the deal? Why is everyone getting worked up over one English guy with a giant hat?”

I hope that curiosity sends you to the library or your bookstore (preferably the dusty, musty second-hand kind that sells books by the pound and has a cat that wanders around until it finds a nice stack for a nap), and you browse the section set aside just for Terry Pratchett.

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