March 24 / Scribbling

Some writers have muses with raven tresses, diaphonous gowns, supple breasts and ruby lips. Me?…

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March 15 / Spleen Venting
March 14 / Politics

Why is it that everyone’s excited about having Bible study classes, but no one get…

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March 4 / Spleen Venting

I feel bad for the guy, really. His whole shtick is Moral Outrage (note the capitals), but it’s outrage over petty stuff. I would love for him to aim his Outrage at environmental rape, unfair drug laws, and the sheer incompetance of the Bush Administration, but I’d also love for the Wish Fairy to knock on my door and say, “Hi, Adam, here’s a pony and a Red Ryder BB Gun and the recipe for a green salsa that will grant you wisdom, immortality and the potency of a rhinoceros, plus it goes great with fish,” but I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting that visit from the Fairy first. It’s tough to be Outraged over Important Things, as it makes for bad television and bad syndicated columns. Mr. O’Reilly knows on which side his bread is buttered.

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