1. Diana


  2. Adam Rakunas

    A quick note: I posted this thing verbatim, so some things may have changed in the past fourteen months (ie Futurismic is no longer part of Pajamas Media, YouTube hadn’t been bought by Google, etc).

  3. 11/29/2007

    The Big Scary Idea : Meh……

    The Brainchild of Jason Stoddard, Adam Rakunas, Rina Slayter and Ken Brady, The Big Scary Idea is a business plan containing a lot of business-speak and marketing buzz words but it ultimately boils down to the following ideas : Genre…

  4. Adam Rakunas

    Work just consumed our lives and we had to shelve this ’cause it would have been another job on top of the ones we already have. Same with chasing after funding. Plus, we both have wives. There’s only so much bandwidth.

    But, hey, if you’ve got Paul Allen’s direct line, I’m all ears.

  5. 11/30/2007

    How To Create A Modern SF Magazine?…

    Adam Rakunas has posted a business plan for his and Jason Stoddard’s “new SF magazine idea”.Niall and Jonathan have already responded.Here’s what I think.Make stuff free. Use Google Ads. Etc.It’s the obvious thing to do isn’t it? Well, it was…….

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