A spark is what happens when current tries to leap across a gap. Sometimes, the damn thing just won’t work; the gap is too wide. If both sides touch, you don’t really see much, either. Juice flows, but it’s nothing that exciting. When there’s some distance, some separation, however, and […]

Turn It On

I don’t know where this is going. I really have never had a clue what was happening, even though I’ve undertaken mad steps to see if I can take a peek under the hood to see just how the gears of the world work. I have engaged in the beginnings […]

Pens and Offerings

I have this very odd habit that I thought I should tell you about: I show up at people’s houses, wander around, and take their pens. I have a collection of about fourty of them now, all rattling around in the back hatch of my car. I take the pen […]

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