Junk Mail Derby: Update 2

It’s been a busy two weeks since our last venture to the mailbox, and it ain’t getting any prettier. Some new candidate mailers, some ballot initiative screeds, and more dead trees. Spin, Founding Fathers, spin! I’m redoing my measurements: from now one, I’m counting who’s spending the money. Which means […]

One more thing…

I never liked Joe Lieberman. Never. I didn’t like him the first time I heard of him in an article in Next-Gen magazine where he talked about controlling the content of video games. I read the interview and thought, “This fucker’s a Democrat?” And when Al Gore chose Holy Joe […]

Oh, Barbara…

So, some time back in 2004, I went to a fundraising party for Barbara Boxer. I bought two shirts, and the host was nice enough to give me a giant doggie bag of Hawaiian food. It was a pretty good evening, and I came away thinking that Boxer had her […]

Run, Al, run!

We just came back from seeing An Inconvenient Truth. Never in my life have I wanted to a) give a wedgie to an executive from GM and b) get someone elected to the Presidency. Just run, Al. For the love of God, run.

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