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August 8 / Iowa
January 23 / Iowa
January 19 / Iowa

Iowa – Dinner with Dennis
Room 339
Motel 6
West Des Moines, IA

I should have known it would be a weird night when I found out the Vietnamese place was called A Dong. It got even weirder when I saw that the front was plastered with Kucinich signs. And it was downright surreal when I found out I was walking right into a Kucinich rally and that the Congressman from Ohio would be there to inspire the troops. Read MoreIowa – Dinner with Dennis

January 18 / Iowa

Iowa – Canvassing
Perfect Storm HQ
Locust Street, Des Moines, IA

I am exhausted, and all I did today was walk. My team was assigned two parts of a precinct in Ankeny; we barely finished half of one. It’s not a matter of inexperience or lack of skills. It’s just too damn cold to think. Read MoreIowa – Canvassing

January 18 / Iowa
January 17 / Iowa

So, here I am in LAX. I’ve hijacked the last two plugs in the terminal, and I’m being cornered by a small, Aussie child who’s fascinated by my laptop. “Lachlan!” his dad keeps calling, and Lachlan sprawls on the floor, contrite as all get out. They have a 12 and a half hour flight, but they get to end up in Brisbane. They say it’s going to be nice and warm. I believe them. Des Moines is thirty below cold right now, and I don’t think all the long underwear in the world is gonna help.

Read MoreIowa – LAX Terminal Three

January 8 / Politics