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Adam Rakunas writes science fiction, fantasy, and whatever else you'll pay him to write (within reason).


Hi, I’m Adam Rakunas. I’ve been writing stuff since 1996 and getting paid for it since 2008. It took a while to get from there to here, but the trip’s

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The Derelict Presidency

Words matter. Words define the spaces around us and give power to concepts that have no corporeal existence. It’s always important to find the right words, especially as we feel our way blindly out of this current crisis. The word we need to use is “derelict.” Not “bungled.” Bungling implies […]

2019: Well, that happened.

I started writing on the web in 1996, when I was lonely, unhappy, and bored. Today, I might have stumbled into the toxic embrace of any one of a dozen online communities that would have told me that, no, bro, it’s everyone else’s fault that things suck, not yours. I’m […]

The 2019 Award Eligibility Post (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Self-Promotion)

It’s been a busy year, as you can see from the lack of everything here. I haven’t updated in a year, which is how blogs are supposed to go, as far as I’m concerned. You get a mad burst of verbiage, followed by a thunderous silence as you get to […]