Site Disclaimer

Since this is my personal site, what I write here is my personal opinion. If you don’t like that opinion, you’re free to start your own blog. I’m a big fan of WordPress, which you can either install on your own server or use via their hosted solution. I’m free to ignore your emails, comments, pingbacks or whatever you have to say. I’m not a media outlet; I’m just a guy who writes, which means I have no obligation to be fair or balanced or anything like that. I write to entertain myself first and the voices in my head second.

Privacy Policy

WordPress keeps track of your IP address when you leave a comment. I won’t sell your email address, IP address, name or other information to any third parties, no matter how many tacos they want to give me in payment.

Comment Policy

It’s simple: don’t be a dick. If I think you’re being a dick, I’ll delete your comment, block you from commenting, or do whatever else I feel is appropriate. Think of this site as an open-ended backyard party. If you’re being cool to me and the other guests, we won’t have any problems. If you and another guest get into a spat, I’ll ask you both to knock it off. If you continue to be a jerk, you’re out. Your free speech ends with my hosting bill.

Also, you’ll have to supply an actual, by God, working email in order to get a comment posted. I should have done this earlier, but I was too lazy.

Content and Policy Revisions

I reserve the right to edit content I’ve written if I revisit it and think I did a poor job the first time. If I wrote something factually incorrect, I’ll strike through the incorrect content and put the correct information after it. I reserve the right to be lazy about correcting things. I reserve the right to change stuff because I feel like it and not have to say why. I reserve the right to think that The WireFriday Night Lights is the best show ever to appear on television, that Bill Adama could whip James T. Kirk’s ass, that In-N-Out is superior to any other fast food burger, that those pants don’t make your ass look big, and that every good boy deserves favor (but only favor without the extra “u”).