Wrong, wrong, wrong! The secret to life is not I repeat not going to come in the form of prepackaged, glossy-paged, up-from-the-heart-of-a-paid-columnist blurbs. You thought you’d find it all in the advice column? Go to the end of the line!

Occasional Brilliance

Every now and then, I write something so brilliant that it blows my mind. Most of the day, I sit at my desk, and all I can think is “Meowmeowmeowmeow…” over and over again. And then something will cut through all of that, like a forty megawatt laser through blueberry […]


I am alive. I have to remind myself of that every now and then, especially in these odd months when the seasons change and the entire world gets tossed up in the air like a jigsaw puzzle. In all of this, all of the twisting and turning and weirdness, I […]


I have the funny feeling that I’ve just been set completely free. I’m sitting here, head cocked, wondering what that thumping sound is in my soul’s chest. Oh, yeah. That would be my heart. Been a little while since I’ve heard that. Nice to have it back Wonder who I’m […]

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