No, You’re Wrong!

Yes, I take it personally. How in hell can I not? How can I think about a group of people who have lied to me, said they don't care if people poison my water and air for profit, said they don't care about making the world better, said that I'm […]


I really thought there'd be this Big Brass Band moment when I asked Anne to marry me. I thought there'd be explosions of light and choirs of angels belting out Handel's Greatest Hits. I thought there'd be this great moment when my entire point of view shifted in some way. […]


I need to remember this: stomping trolls on webboards does not count as meaningful campaign work. It is merely a distraction. I started my own work as precinct leader by making 60 cold calls on Sunday to Dean people who said they'd like to be volunteers. Most weren't home, some […]

Miserable Failure

The tough part is keeping heart and mind in balance. Pure intellect can hash through any problem, but it needs the warmth of heart to make that solution humane. The fire of passion can get people off their cans, but it takes the cool light of mind to give that […]

One Run Only

I've made progress, and I've fallen behind. I've learned some things and forgotten others. I've been in despair and see signs of hope. I'm at the bottom of the gutter and I'm looking up at the stars. Tonight I am done with contemplating the awful could-be and begin planning the […]


Went to see Warren Miller's Journey last night. Woof. It's snowporn, plain and simple, and I walked away feeling amped about this season. I know I'll never be a boarder of the same caliber as the people in that movie, but you know what? That's okay. I get as much […]

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