I think it's about time I came out and said something important, something that will delight some, anger others, and inspire marked indifference in the rest: I've become a volunteer for Howard Dean. I've organized a house party, I'm working on a big ass fundraising bike ride, I'm gonna apply to be a delegate for the convention (Hey, Sean! You got couch space in July?), and, God help me, I'm going to Iowa to work the caucus.

Why Dean? Three things:

1) I dug his anti-war stance. I've been pissed about the war in Iraq from the get-go, and I've gotten more angry the more I've read about PNAC and the way Defense shafted State's plans to rebuild the country. No, President Dean isn't going to yank our armed forces home. We can't do that now, as it would create a real terrorist threat (as opposed to the bullshit Al-Qaida/Saddam Hussein link that the Bush Administration touted, then backpedalled from). We're now in there for the long haul. However, President Dean wouldn't go and do something as stupid as invade Iraq when we're busy doing something real to end terrorism.

2) His campaign isn't just about winning the nomination or the White House; it's about winning back the House and the Senate and all others kinds of offices around the country. Not only does the campaign have vision, it's got legs: over 500,000 people have signed up, and it's gonna hit 2,000,000. The campaign just feels like it's run right.

3) The man's got the onions to take on George Bush and send his wannabe-cowboy ass back to Texas. Yes, he's the angry little man from Vermont, but you know what? It's about goddamn time someone got angry and decided it's time to fight rather than be an equivocating wank.

(Yes, I know Clark and Kerry could be good guys, but Clark's shot himself in the foot by taking public financing, and Kerry…I hate to sound shallow, but he just ain't doing it for me. What's his message? What's he got to say? Yes, he's a smart, caring guy, but if there's anything I've learned from the party in power it's that there's a time for principle and a time for pragmatism. Dean is the pragmatic solution, and he's one that I feel good about voting for.)

No, it's not sewn up, despite what the punditocracy says. It's gonna be a long year, and I'm gonna do all I can to make sure Dean takes Iowa, then California, then the nomination, then the White House, then the country. Anger is just hope that's waiting for focus. I'm angry, and I'm hopeful, and, baby, I'm going to Iowa.