I need to remember this: stomping trolls on webboards does not count as meaningful campaign work. It is merely a distraction.

I started my own work as precinct leader by making 60 cold calls on Sunday to Dean people who said they'd like to be volunteers. Most weren't home, some said they couldn't commit to anything until after the New Year, and the rest were stoked about hitting the streets. That made it worthwhile. The more I read Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72, the more I'm convinced that this precinct work is gonna pay off. McGovern (ooo, there I go, bringing up that forbidden name from the past, ooo) won key states with an army of volunteers making phone calls and knocking on doors and leaving literature behind. This shit makes a difference, as cornball as it seems. The difference between '72 and '03 is that we have better tools for organizing data. In '72, they had to use hand-written index cards to record supporting votes; today, we got the magic of MySQL (and, yes, Sam, I'm pronouncing it the right way now). Project for Whistler down-time: building a web interface and MySQL backbone for precinct work or just looking to see if there's already something out there. This will be better than sending Excel spreadsheets back and forth. Jebus.