I’m now in Detroit, and I have this to say: is Wayne County that cheap that it has to charge seven bucks for a day’s worth of WiFi?

I mean, it’s a step up from LAX, where there’s no WiFi at all. But, oy! I’m only going to be here for two hours, guys! I just wanna file this puppy and take a nap!

CNN’s on overhead. Edwards and Kerry have their sound bites, while the story’s on Gephardt and Dean pulling their attack ads. Just thinking about something I read the other day: the press has ripped into Dean, not because they don’t like him (though plenty of columnists have said the press does hate his guts. Truth, or self-fullfilling prophecy?), but because they want a better story to file. I can dig that. How thrilling is it to write the same headline (“Front Runner Stomps The Hell Out of Everyone Else”) over and over again? They want Kerry to be the Comeback Kid. They want Edwards to be the Young Man Who Could. Or, rather, I think they want them to be the Second Comings of JFK and Bill Clinton. The Senator from Massachusetts and the Young Man from the South.

One other detail about this airport: the tunnel between concourse A and concourses B and C makes me glad I don’t do drugs. Rather than have the usual boring corridor of tile mosaic that was out of fashion when Nixon was in the White House (for the first time, as Veep), the walls are decorated with acid-etched glass panels that are back lit with multi-colored lights. The lights flash in and out in time with music. It feels like a Disney ride that’s been transplanted out of 1963.

It’s also a hell of a thing to experience after spending five hours of fitful sleep in a 737. The music, which I think is meant to be chipper and exciting, portending the adventure and travel that awaits the weary traveller in the next concourses, it sounds ominous. No, make that Ominous. It is Ominous music, the kind that says your captain will be Terry Gilliam, and he’s going to take you on a trip through the sets of Brazil and Time Bandits that even he thought were too weird for the screen. It’s just not the kind of thing one needs at 6 in the morning when there’s still a long way to go.

I’m going to take a nap, get a muffin, and catch the plane to Des Moines. More later.