Not yet…

I can’t show you what I’m working on, ’cause it will ruin the surprise. I can only tell you that I’m working on it, and that I’ll talk about it when it’s done and hiding in a drawer, mellowing like a good beer. Or cheese. Or whatever. Trust me, I […]


…on the one hand, we have Christopher Hitchens’s critique of F 9/11. On the other, we have Chris Parry’s critique of Christopher Hitchens’s critique of F 9/11. I remember going to a party or a conference or some event that had company-sponsored Good Beer and asking a bunch of SF […]

Tacos, with a side of Outrage

Well. Like I said, I’m mad at both Michael Moore and George W. Bush. The anger at the President is nothing new, and I don’t think Fahrenheit 9/11 did much more than stoke the anger fire. We all went for drinks right afterward, and I think all it did was […]

Prevention, Anyone?

I know in the next few months, there will be human interest stories about vets coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq all over the mainstream media, and I will have to hold my tongue and swallow my bile and put in an extra mile at the track to keep myself […]


Having said that, I hope some readers will look at what I’m listening to, and, if they haven’t heard of it, will check out the song, artist, or album. Curiosity is what lead me to a lot of music, and it’s easy to be daring with new tunes. It’s also […]


Okay, see that blurb in the “Meta” section that’s listing music? Those are the songs I’m listening to right now. KungTunes gets what I’m playing on iTunes, makes a file, uploads it to my server, and WordPress parses the file into the stuff you see. I love music, I listen […]

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