Well, the past hour of farting around with WP has only shown how much I know squat about layout tech since 1996. When CSS came along, I tried to climb the learning curve, but it was lined with rows of pretty girls, fine beers, and other jobs. Learning CSS was something that had nothing to do with programming video games, so I said screw it. I only need a place to write.

The problem with that attitude has reared its ugly head. I look at the Shake-N-Bake layout that came with WP, and I think: this looks like every other ugly-ass blog in the world. Really. It’s awful. I mean, it’s nice, but it’s like everything else. I think I’m too much of a futzer to sit and leave things as they are. Where’s the earthy palette I was trying to use? Where’s the browns and ochers? How in the world do I make this page better?

The answer, of course, is CSS. And farting around with the PHP templates (another tech to learn!), just to make it all fit. I know I sneered at web front-end programming before, saying it was easy and not worth the effort. The Universe, as usual, is making me eat my words. With relish. And some grilled onions and kraut, too.