So, we have one of those groovy meat thermometers with presets for various types of meat and a timer that beeps when the food approaches Optimal Doneness. It’s a cool concept, and it certainly takes care of those “Is it done yet?” moments where you have to rely on timers and hope your stuff is done when you take it off the grill. There’s a problem, though: I’m inside, and the grill’s outside. Now, I can camp out and wait for dinner to finish, but I also have to manage with the rest of dinner. So, here’s what I want: a meat thermometer with WiFi capability.


Think about it: if I wired up the entire house with network terminals everywhere, like I’ve always wanted, I could get the meat thermometer to send its signal to the house when the meat’s done.

So, if some EE wants to get to work on it, I’ll be more than happy to be your tester.