So, this will be old news to some and new news to others. I think it’s freaky shit, no matter which way you slice it.

Last March, members of Congress, religious leaders, and assorted drinkers of Kool-Aid attended a ceremony in the Dirksen Senate Office Building (your tax dollars at work, kids!). There, people gave speeches, Congressmen read poems, a guy blew a shofar, and then Sun Myung Moon (who strikes me as a minister who’s of the same theological school as I am, and I was ordained online, which shows how much credence I put in the whole thing) and his wife were presented with robes and a crown. By Congressmen.

Now, call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure our country declared independence and fought a war because we thought the whole crowning and royalty thing was a load of dingo’s kidneys. I’m not even happy there’s pop royalty. Divine Right is a crock, and anyone involved in the whole king-and-queen thing has to work to get my trust and respect (though I’ve heard nice things about Queen Beatrix).

Anyway, someone shot a promo video for this and a bunch of other Moon events, and then some intrepid geeks found it and passed it around, probably with the Subject line like, “You’re not gonna belive this shit, but…” Moon’s people got wise and yanked the video, but now John Gorenfeld has whipped up a BitTorrent file of the movie. I’ve seen it, and, hey, you’re not gonna believe this shit, but

I whipped up a torrent of my own, and put it here. Get yourself the BT client, and start spreading the love around.

The Web has memory, even if tv, print and radio misplaced theirs. Watch, and remember why we don’t have kings in this country.