Like I said, I’m mad at both Michael Moore and George W. Bush. The anger at the President is nothing new, and I don’t think Fahrenheit 9/11 did much more than stoke the anger fire. We all went for drinks right afterward, and I think all it did was change that anger to dispair.

I think the dispair came from Moore’s motives. This movie is meant to piss people off, to stir ’em up, to get ’em angry. What it doesn’t do, however, is propose how to focus that anger, and that lands Michael Moore right in the same camp as the punditocracy and the news personalities. Their job isn’t to foster debate or an exchange of ideas where we all learn something and carry the good points forward into something new and constructive; I think their job is to shill for their books, to get on each other’s shows, and to babble like morons and convince the public that this is what democracy in action is supposed to look like.

We know the war in Iraq was a bad idea, we know the current gang in the White House are a bunch of fear-mongering jackasses who only care about making themselves richer (I wonder how the average Bush-loving, Moore-hating American would’ve felt after seeing footage of the President in white tie and tails at a gala ball saying, “Quite an impressive crowd: the haves, and the have-mores. Some people call you the elite; I call you my base.” Probably the same), we know that the War on Terror is a crock. Great. Now, what in hell do we do about it?

And the tag line at the end of the credits (the end!) to “Do Something” and visit Moore’s website…Christ, Michael, put it at the front of the credits! And knock off the clowning! Put away the ice cream truck, quit bugging the Congressmen, put away the footage of Dragnet and Bonanza, sit back at the editing table and focus! Like Nate said, it was like throwing sand up in the air to watch the pretty patterns scatter. If you’re writing an essay, pick a thesis and stick with it.

Ah, doesn’t matter. This isn’t going to change anyone’s minds. The troglodytes who talk about turning Mecca into a parking lot are just going to talk about shipping Moore and anyone else who disagrees with the Bush Administration out there before the bombs fall. The War Is Bad group will continue to demonize the Bush Administration as Evil Incarnate. And, in the meantime, the rest of us, who just want good jobs, safe borders, and clean air and water will be fucked over. It’s not enough to vote George Bush out of office; we gotta have something we’re voting for.