This Is New…

Like many of you, I get spam. Oodles and oodles of it. Most of it gets filtered out by my mail client, but some gets through. This one was too good not to share: From: Subject: Hunger Strike 80 Days Date: August 26, 2004 4:59:44 AM PDT To: […]

A Note On Usage

When one gives a person weapons, explosives, lightsabers, katanas, rocks or pointy sticks, one has armed that person. When one takes a refrigerator and monkeys with its innards and turns it into a Doomsday Device, one has weaponized that refrigerator. Weaponize means to turn something into a weapon. It does […]

On Second Thought…

This previous post was uncalled for. It was weak. It was unenlightened. It was, in short, destructive, and my motto for this year has been “Build up; don’t tear down.” (It probably sounds better in Latin.) Demanding the tongues of Bob Costas and Katie Couric solves nothing. It leaves them […]

One Request

If you’re thinking about getting me and Anne a wedding present, I’d like to request two little things: the tongues of Bob Costas and Katie Couric. I should’ve asked for them a while ago in the hopes of getting them before the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics, but, hey, […]

Oy! Karma Police!

Dear Lady In The Mercedes Convertible- Madam, I don’t know what the dealer told you when he sold you that car, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t trump California state law. I’m also pretty sure that same state law says that you cannot roll your car through the intersection and […]

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