In the interest of lifting up the National Discourse, I give you this from Ed Cone: Don’t Talk While I’m Interrupting.

Speaking of the National Discourse, I have two lazyweb questions:

First, we all know about Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr’s duel. Who were the last American politcians to duel to the death? (And, a followup: would more Americans pay attention if today’s candidates were required to do the pistols-at-dawn bit? Would that be on basic cable?)

Second, the bio of John Adams I’m reading has a cartoon of two Congressmen going at each other with fire tongs and a walking stick. When was the last physical altercation on the floor of Congress? (And, if Congressional fistfights came back into fashion, would C-SPAN become more popular? Would the guy who introduces the President to the Speaker get replaced by the “Let’s get ready to rummmmmmmble!” guy?)