When one gives a person weapons, explosives, lightsabers, katanas, rocks or pointy sticks, one has armed that person.

When one takes a refrigerator and monkeys with its innards and turns it into a Doomsday Device, one has weaponized that refrigerator.

Weaponize means to turn something into a weapon. It does not mean to give someone weapons. The only way I know to weaponize someone is to give him retractable adamantium claws.

I only bring this up because I saw someone write about Imperial Japan “weaponizing its expatriates” during WWII. I don’t have anything to add to the discussion, other than, dude, the only way Japan could’ve weaponized its expats would’ve been to teach them something out of Street Fighter that would’ve allowed them to shoot fireballs out of their rectums. The word is armed. Armed.

I mean, if I have to use proper English to get editors to read my stuff, why doesn’t everyone else?