I’ve been working on a story and listening and re-listening to the Who’s Quadrophenia while I write, and something just leapt out at me.

My favorite track is the closer, “Love Reign O’er Me.” It’s a powerful song, and it’s a cute play on words, since the singer’s supposed to be down at the seaside and coming to grips with his life while a rainstorm beats down on him. Reign o’er me. I get it.

And then I got to thinking about the RNC and all those “Let Freedom Reign” signs that popped up during the President’ s speech, and it hit me, just like it did back in July when he scribbled the same words on that “Hey, the CPA’s handed the wheel to the Iraqis” memo. “Let freedom reign”? Isn’t that a bit of an oxymoron?

I mean, freedom means someone isn’t coming down on your ass, ruling over your life and telling you what to do. Reign means rule, as in the reign of King Edward the Testicleless was marked by a sharp increase in the number of wandering minstrels, which eventually let to the kingdom’s downfall. “Let freedom rule”? Huh?

Yes, I’m sure President Bush meant “Let freedom ring” back in July, and it’s too late to change the memo, but, dude, couldn’t the sign people at the RNC have changed it for the convention? Or would that have been a little too Memory Holeish?