Almost forgot: Dan Santat, who was kind enough to illustrate my short novella, “Greaseguns & Feathers,” has a book of his own in real live bookstores: “The Guild of Geniuses”. It’s a children’s book, but it’s the kind of children’s book that adults will dig, too. It’s got giant robots, […]


Something I should mention: I joined a writing group about a month ago, and it’s been the motivation I’ve been missing for a good long while. Motivation isn’t quite strong enough; lighting a fire under my ass, that’s more like it. Our group is called the Fictionados. We have a […]

Kobe Beef and Fois Gras

I have heard of Kobe beef and foie gras all my adult, gustatory life. I’ve always thought they are two items that are more symbols than foodstuffs. They’re the kind of thing that foodies swoon over, literally swoon, as if Larousse himself has risen from the grave, brought produce grown […]