Something I should mention: I joined a writing group about a month ago, and it’s been the motivation I’ve been missing for a good long while. Motivation isn’t quite strong enough; lighting a fire under my ass, that’s more like it.

Our group is called the Fictionados. We have a theme song that uses the tune from the Canyonero song. And we are going to kick some ass.

I mention this because some of my fellow Fictionados have stuff that’s coming out, and I think it’d be good of you to go and read it. So go and read Jason Stoddard’s “Revision” and Ashleigh Raine’s “Things That Go Bump In The Night”, then tell the publishers how much you loved them.

I submitted my first story to the group last week. After I get back the critiques and edit it, I’ll post it here for your perusal.