Wedding Slideshow

So, the good folks at Downhill Battle have released BlogTorrent, a nifty tool that allows any schmoe to turn big ass files into bit torrents and upload them into files that have an extractor and downloader thingamegimme mixed in. And it all works, supposedly, without any stupidity. I like this […]

Things to Do

1) Keep Terry McAullife, Donna Brazille, James Carville, Paul Begala and Bob Shrum (especially him) the hell away from the leadership of the Democratic Party. We thank you for your service in the past, but it’s time to go. We’ll call you, right after we take care of the next […]


I like to think that if John Kerry had won, I would have felt nothing but overwhelming relief. No gloating, no triumphant “In your FACE!” Just relief. The feeling that, finally, people have realized how incompetant and crooked the Bush Administration is and what a disaster four more years would […]

One last nudge in the kidneys…

…to Victor Elizalde. Dude, either someone’s playing dirty tricks on you, or you’re really, really running the most clueless campaign in the state. Robocalls are one thing, but sidewalk graffitti? You know, I think it would be possible to run a competitive campaign against Henry Waxman. Really. I think there’s […]


If there’s anything that goes wrong with today, I’m going to chalk it up to bureaucratic stupidity more than dirty tricks. Not that I think there are devious political operatives who are going to get the dead to vote or keep people from voting. I’m sure they’ll be out in […]