…to Victor Elizalde. Dude, either someone’s playing dirty tricks on you, or you’re really, really running the most clueless campaign in the state. Robocalls are one thing, but sidewalk graffitti?

You know, I think it would be possible to run a competitive campaign against Henry Waxman. Really. I think there’s enough Republican money in Los Angeles to raise a good fight, and Waxman’s been in office long enough that he could get slapped with labels that might actually stick (“liberal” is not one of them, at least not on the Westside). The two robocalls I’ve gotten from Elizalde are more evidence of someone who’s out of touch with his potential constituency, and this sidewalk spraying clinches it. It’s bad enough to annoy people, but to dirty their streets? And to violate the rules? If you couldn’t find supporters in Santa Monica who wanted to put signs in their front yards, dude, that’s your problem. Don’t make a mess in my fucking neighborhood.