I like to think that if John Kerry had won, I would have felt nothing but overwhelming relief. No gloating, no triumphant “In your FACE!” Just relief. The feeling that, finally, people have realized how incompetant and crooked the Bush Administration is and what a disaster four more years would have been. Relief and a feeling that, yes, things might be on the track to peace, prosperity and boobies.

I haven’t seen much relief from the other side today, at least on the non-partisan sites I check out. There’s been no “Thank God, George W. Bush got re-elected so he can continue his policies.” It’s been all-gloat, all the time. I feel like I’m on a third-rate junior high football team that just got stomped 1000-nothing by a team of pros who were loaded on steroids and buffalo testosterone. The phrase “bad winner” comes to mind.

Just two thoughts for you Big Winners, then:

1) Now that you’ve got all three branches of government, the only people you can blame for your screw-ups are yourselves.
2) Please, please, please get cocky and complacent. You’ve got the government you wanted. Try not to break it too much; we’ll be taking it back starting two years from now.