The Roots

I’m always late to the party. The Roots’s Phrenology is mighty. It kicks my ass. I cannot wait to get more cash to buy more albums from these guys. I also want to put a form of punctuation into my name like the group’s drummer, ?uestlove. Too bad the ampersat’s […]

Work Music

Fry & Laurie (“The Queen of the Adriatic…” “…is one of the many things you’ve been called.”) Kila Julian Lennon Minus 5 The Wedding Present …and I’m tempted to put the Beatles’ Revolution on infinite repeat until I finish this damn thing.


Why is it so easy to crank out stuff here when I’m banging my head on the keyboard trying to figure out how to wrap up the adventures of two teenage sex toy merchants in mid-21st Century Irvine? It’s not that I don’t love it. I can’t imagine doing anything […]

Just Tri To Sign Up…

I’ve been making an effort to save expletives because I think they’re overused. Emotional outbursts with powerful language lose their oomph if they’re part of everyday speech. That said, Terry Davis and the crew at Tri-California Events are the biggest bunch of fuckwits I have encountered in my short time […]