I’ve been making an effort to save expletives because I think they’re overused. Emotional outbursts with powerful language lose their oomph if they’re part of everyday speech.

That said, Terry Davis and the crew at Tri-California Events are the biggest bunch of fuckwits I have encountered in my short time as a triathlete.

These are the guys who run Wildflower and Escape From Alcatraz, two of the most popular races in California. People travel from all over the world to do these tris. The only way to sign up is online, and both sell out within hours. So, you’d think, here in the waning days of 2004, when USB keydrives come with your cereal and you can pick up a cheap server rack for the cost of a Happy Meal, that these clueless morons could make it so their site doesn’t wet itself and go fetal when everyone tries to load up their site to get in their fucking races.

What kind of genius says, “Hm. Every year thousands of people hit our site at once, causing it to jam. I think we should leave it so people will be forced to reload again and again and again. After all, our race is so popular that people will still sign up, no matter how much we piss on them.”

And they do piss on racers, especially women. They’re in the last waves, and they get the least amount of time to finish their races. I have friends who were cut off with a few miles to go because, hey, liability issues rule, and this is a business, and thanks for the money you gave us but fuck you anyway.

So, I say this now: I will use my credit from last year’s Wildflower refund, and I will use it on one more Tri-Cal race, and then that’s it. Terry Davis and his worthless organization can kiss my ass. They’re not going to get a dime of my money, and I’m going to raise hell with the club so we take our business elsewhere. And to anyone who’s a race director who wants to give me the business ’cause I don’t understand how hard it is, and who am I to complain: fuck you, too. I appreciate the work you do, but you don’t have an event without us racers. I’m not asking for trailers with air conditioning and only green M&M’s; I’m asking you respect the time and money we give up. You make it easy for us to race and have a good time, we’ll reward you by returning for your races and telling our friends how good your operation is. Terry Davis and Tri-Cal have grown arrogant, and they deserve a spanking.