I just finished David Maraniss’s They Marched Into Sunlight, an excellent book about October, 1967, when a very ugly battle in Vietnam and a very ugly protest in Madison, Wisconsin, occured on the same day. Nate’s father-in-law, Jim George, or, as he prefers we all call him, The Colonel (and, yes, I have a hard time not doing a Stuart MacKenzie impression when I hear those words, but I’ve never done it around him ’cause a) he’s a good guy and b) he could break me without a sweat) is one of the players; he was commanded the lead company in the battle and almost had his face blown off. It’s weird thinking back to Nate and Jen’s wedding and the way the Colonel was boogying down with everyone and then picturing this guy in the middle of all that blood and death.

I only mention this now because LBJ, of course, is in the book, and I’m now having the hardest time reconciling the man who was wondering how to win the war with the man ordering a pair of pants.