I Give In

So, my brother has moved down here, and part of his new gig is a company car. This means he is now leasing his car to me. After almost four months of taking the bus to work, I’m going to become another solo-driving jackass. On the one hand, I no […]

What’s in The Hatch?

Lost is good television. Yes, it’s got a formula, and those hurlting-trombones-down-the-staircase riff the show uses right before cutting to commercial is just on the safe side from annoying, but I don’t wish for the characters to get eaten by wandering monsters. I keep watching the show and asking myself: […]

The recent playlist

Holy pants, but I can see the end in sight for “Making Twenty,” a story about career counseling and transhumanism. I think it’s got two cool things going for it: 1) It’s going to clock in under 13K, which means if I can trim it to 10K, it’ll be a […]

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