It’s time. It’s been well over six weeks since I finished my novel thingie, which means the advent of Editing. I got a big weekend planned for me, a red pencil, and my trusty copy of Strunk & White’s. I’m a little nervous because I’ve never done editing like this before. I know I have to be brutal and honest and keep in mind that, yes, that bit about riot at the ASB forum probably is funny, but it also doesn’t move the story forward. And I need some tension in part 4. My two guiding principles for this will be:

1) Always up the ante
2) Move the story forward

I’ve gotten much better at number 2 since I’ve joined the Fictionados, but 1 still eludes me sometimes. I must put my characters in danger, and they have to work it out for themselves.

Stay tuned, gang. I’m going to have this beast beaten into shape by the end of April and then it’s Submission Time!