So, for the past week, every time I get on or off a train at the Green Line Aviation station, I get the same announcement from the conductor: “Please be sure you have read and understand procedures in the event of an emergency.” This doesn’t happen at my other stop, and it also doesn’t happen when I get on the bus at the station.

Now, I normally wouldn’t think anything about this except a) it’s only at trains at this station and b) no one’s made this announcement before. I’ve been taking the train since December, and never has the conductor reminded me to know what to do if something horrible happens.

The paranoid part of me thinks that someone in Homeland Security has passed one of those nebulous warnings to the MTA that this train at this station is a target for Bad Shit, and that this announcement is the MTA’s way to prepare. Not with, you know, beefed up security, but with pre-emptive ass-covering. ‘Cause it’s always easier for a bureacracy to apologize for a disaster than to prepare for it. Jackholes.