Bigger Guns, Smaller Dicks

So, I’m listening to Warren Olney talking about guns and school shootings with some dude who thinks that there should be more guns in society. Everyone should be armed, he says, because school shootings and crimes with guns have worse casualties when they occur in “gun-free zones” (and, wow, what […]

Be Vigilant In Your Vigilance

So, for the past week, every time I get on or off a train at the Green Line Aviation station, I get the same announcement from the conductor: “Please be sure you have read and understand procedures in the event of an emergency.” This doesn’t happen at my other stop, […]

Hot Camping Action!

How much editing did I get done this weekend, you ask? Jack-all squat. But I’m almost done with Strange & Norrell after a few marathon reading sessions by the campfire and in the SAGmobile, so that’s a plus, right? Right. Anyway, I got to cracking on Monday night, and I’m […]

Hot Editing Action!

It’s time. It’s been well over six weeks since I finished my novel thingie, which means the advent of Editing. I got a big weekend planned for me, a red pencil, and my trusty copy of Strunk & White’s. I’m a little nervous because I’ve never done editing like this […]

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