Well I’ll be dipped

I stand corrected. Very corrected. Holy pants, but that’s a hell of a margin. V-dog stomped Slim Jim. Though I think I was right on one prediction: apathy did rule. Turnout in the ’01 election was 37.67%; this time out only 30.3% did their civic duty. Negative ads work. My […]

LA Mayoral Bets

I’m going out on a limb, but I think apathy and fear will rule the day, meaning Slim Jim will have a second term. I think it’ll be a seven-point difference, but Hahn will get enough of South LA and the Valley to counter Villaraigosa. Either way, the transit system […]

Han Solo *always* shot first

Earlier today, I was in a bad mood because of a lack of sleep and an upset tummy; both were results of last night’s back-to-back viewings of those bastard movies that George Lucas made to sell Jar-Jar merch. I was ready to ask Derek to take this down, burn it, […]


Just to make things clear to anyone who wants to polish up an email accusing me of being a liberal secular humanist, homosexual agenda-pushing, Christian-persecuting, Satan-worshipping, Santa Monica lefty freak: I don’t give a good goddamn what you think and believe as long as it doesn’t involve forcing your views […]

Holy Shit

If you’re a High Episcopalian or a Low Atheist, you need to grab the May 2005 copy of Harper’s Magazine and read through the two cover stories on the Christianist Right. (I’ll call them the Christian Right again when they start with the compassion to the sick and needy and […]

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