So, this white supremacist ran for School Board in Bozeman, MT and got his ass handed to him. Got 3.6% of the vote, which is about 3.5% higher than I’d like to see anywhere, but what the hell.

Something he said in this profile really got me:

“His world views are not his parents’ and he cannot pinpoint when they solidified. But several years ago he started listening to ‘American Dissident Voices,’ the alliance radio program.

‘I decided to join because of that,’ he said.

What he heard on the radio cemented his desire to live in a white-only society, in a ‘culture that’s based on European ideals,’ he said.”

(The “alliance,” by the way, is the National Alliance, a group of neo-Nazis.)

Anyway. “European ideals”? Which part of Europe? Which ideals? People still worship oak trees in Lithuania, and that goes back a lot farther than Christianity. Does that mean the NA is going to support Druid Rights?