There are three college newspapers that I still remember with fondness: the Claremont Colleges Collage, the Harvey Mudd Compass and Cal Poly Pomona’s Low. The Collage was awful, filled with the kinds of angst and outrage you can only get from the stew of the five colleges. The Compass was the home of Mr. Tasty and Caffeine Man, two excellent comic strips (though CM might have made it to the collage) about a hero who ate people’s heads and one addicted to java. And Low was what college papers should be: rude, blunt, and honest. Low‘s staff were refugees from Cal Poly’s official paper, students of the Gonzo school who did drugs, hung out with Tim Leary and wrote about bestiality.

I’ll never forget the Low article about a San Dimas cowboy who got busted by a Sheriff’s deputy who witnessed the carnal act and uttered the immortal line, “Hey…are you fucking that horse?” “Yes, I am,” replied the cowboy. This was 1996, by the way.

Low died not too long after I graduated, which is too bad, ’cause they’d have had fun with this.