If you’re a High Episcopalian or a Low Atheist, you need to grab the May 2005 copy of Harper’s Magazine and read through the two cover stories on the Christianist Right. (I’ll call them the Christian Right again when they start with the compassion to the sick and needy and drop the cheerleading for Armageddon. Witnessing for Christ, I can tolerate; actively working for the end of the world, not so cool.)

This is your wake-up call, folks. You need to confront this jackassery in your homes and communities, because the leaders of the NRB and the New Life Church are coming for you. If they cannot convert you, they will crush you. And if I sound alarmist, it’s probably because the good ol’ Rakunas Survival Gene, which kicked in and made my grandfather take the whole family out of Lithuania before the Red Army swept in, is twitching something fierce. American Christianists are starting off by condemning gay people; what makes you think they’ll stop there?

UPDATE: Harper’s, in its awesomeness, has put both articles online: Part I is about a Colorado Springs megachurch that, according to family friends living there, is just as freaky as they sound, while Part II includes an appearance from my old morning nemesis from my days in Big Bear, Dr. James “Hit ’em ’til They Howl” Dobson.