The heady days of college

There are three college newspapers that I still remember with fondness: the Claremont Colleges Collage, the Harvey Mudd Compass and Cal Poly Pomona’s Low. The Collage was awful, filled with the kinds of angst and outrage you can only get from the stew of the five colleges. The Compass was […]


So, this white supremacist ran for School Board in Bozeman, MT and got his ass handed to him. Got 3.6% of the vote, which is about 3.5% higher than I’d like to see anywhere, but what the hell. Something he said in this profile really got me: “His world views […]


Now that I’m a driver, that means I have to fill my commute time with audio. I haven’t gotten around to burning more CDs or buying an iPod, so I’ve settled with radio. Every now and then, when NPR is too busy selling out to Dominionists, I’ll flip around to […]

By the way…

I finished that story last Thursday night in a marathon writing session. It clocks in under 15K, but I already know how to excise two scenes and a bunch of characters. That, combined with the Less 15% Rule (2nd draft = 1st draft – 15% of the words), might bring […]

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