Today, we’re taking a bold step: we’re grillin’ us some ribs. I’ve tried ribs before, and they don’t come out right. They’re either underdone, or burnt, or bland, or just missing something. I’ve tried pre-boiling, which just turns the meat a nasty gray, and steam broiling, which got the moisture […]

Note to self

You are allowed thirty seconds of self-doubt about your writing mojo. You are allowed fifteen seconds to feel bad about a negative critique. You are allowed five seconds of rage, five of denouncing everyone who thinks you suck, then five seconds of sober reflection. Then you get your ass back […]

What Matters

Writing is what matters. Changing the world from my own backyard matters. Dropping a pants size matters. Making the salsa of the gods matters. Being a husband matters. Making real connects matters. Fictionados matters. Publishing matters. Cycling matters. Cooking matters. Compost matters. Remember that. Repeat that, over and over, as […]


I never thought I’d agree with a game company CEO, but Mark Long is right. SAG and AFTRA can get the hell in line. Besides, wouldn’t that mean that the wooden dolts from the first Resident Evil get residuals? Do we really want to reward that kind of poor workmanship? […]

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