After finally getting around to reading David Foster Wallace’s massive article on talk radio (subscription required, but, dude, is it worth it), I have started listening to the squackers in a new light. Er, tone. Whatever.

I still think talk radio is an old welfare program designed to give screaming idiots jobs when they usually stand on street corners, their pants around their ankles as they scream about how the State Department is trying to steal their teeth. Better to put ’em in a studio where they’re safe and sound and come with OFF switches.

But I’m not going to poo-poo talk radio’s power. Not after reading about the loathesome KFI jackholes and seeing HBO’s Sometime in April. If talk radio is just angry white males yelling about how life sucks because they can’t get by on being white or male, fine. When they start getting the ears of politicians and talk about destroying people, back up, Jack.