I know. You’re wondering how the ribs turned out. You’re on the edge of your seat, waiting for tales of meaty goodness.

Well, they weren’t too bad.

Danielle and Sam did the actually grilling, as Anne and I were at work. The one problem they reported was keeping the temperature from fluctuating: the grill’s hotbox is metal, and the afternoon breezes tend to kick off the ocean, meaning they’re cold. The grill is in an unprotected part of the yard, so Danielle had to keep turning the middle burner on and off to maintain a temperature of 275 degrees. This meant that the ribs over the middle burner kept getting direct heat, which made them a little crispier. Tasty, but crispy.

The rub itself was good, though I would’ve used less salt and maybe a little more earthy herbs like thyme or rosemary. Maybe a shot of Herbes de Provence? The sweet/spicy balance was nice, thanks to the sweet paprika and fennel.

We didn’t sauce the ribs due to laziness, plus I was too busy putting the kitchen sink back together. I think developing a sauce would be a mighty fine idea, especially if there were some way to catch the drippings from the grill and incorporate those. More experimentation needed.

The texture was just right, though, and that made me very, very happy. That pink smoke ring was gorgeous, and the meat pulled right off the bone, just like ribs should. I think we’re going to have a Rib Technology Exhibition at Trager’s next party. I hope everyone works on their technique; mine will be unstoppable!