Sweet baby Bic!

Well, I sure feel like a pussy after seeing this. I now have no reason to complain about time, technology, or much of anything regarding writing. When you can take the pen from my hand…


This just in: scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory have reported that President Bush’s balls are now visible from space without the aid of a telescope. “It’s quite remarkable,” said scientist John Specks at JPL. “Back when he was running the first time, saying he was a ‘reformer with results’, […]


The other night, Anne asked me one of those Big Questions: what makes you happy? There’s a lot that makes me happy, but one of the big ones is making all my connections on the bus. While there’s a practical side (miss one connection, and the delicate web of transit […]

Behold, the Massive Head of Peter Jennings

The Massive Head of Peter Jennings, originally uploaded by rak. Centro, Des Moines, Iowa. January 18, 2004. This was the second picture I had of my brush with broadcasting fame. In the first, I held the camphone and took the shot. Peter Jennings looked at picture and said, “Wait! Your […]