The other night, Anne asked me one of those Big Questions: what makes you happy? There’s a lot that makes me happy, but one of the big ones is making all my connections on the bus. While there’s a practical side (miss one connection, and the delicate web of transit collapses, leaving you stranded on a platform with no company other than tumbleweeds and people claiming they’re Jesus Christ), there’s also that feeling of leading a charmed life, like hitting the lottery or bowling a perfect game. Through wits and luck, you hit every connection with grace and ease. It’s a nice feeling.

I didn’t quite have it this morning, but I know how to get the odds in my favor for next time. It helps that the Big Blue has pulled its head out of its ass and created an express line down Lincoln. I missed one by a few minutes, but another one trundled up and passed a normal 3 that had just left. Sweet.

Then, I get to the Harbor Station and learn that, holy cow, the MTA’s made an express line from Artesia to Downtown! Cool. That means I won’t have to trundle my ass through every stop on the 110 to get to Los Feliz tonight. Slowly, the city’s getting its public transit act together. I think I’ll make a point of taking the bus a few times a week again, just ’cause I can.