Grass? What?

I know, I know. It’s early autumn here, which means the grass should be turning brown. But I don’t have Photoshop, and I’m too damn lazy to change it. But this is the beginning of tinkering with the look of this site, which will lead to something big by the […]

All lines are open…

So, after farting around with upgrading WP and adding some plug-ins, I’ve decided to allow comments. You’ll have to register to leave comments; this is to clamp down on the aforementioned spamming bastards. To register, you’ll have to know how to contact me via email. That way, I can send […]


Thanks to this really nifty tool that some really smart friends of mine built, I’m finally getting some stats. Which means I can see some of you. At least, I can see where you’re from. So, Spain and New Zealand? What’s up? O, Canada! And you there, the Dutch spammer […]

The Stench

It rained yesterday, and something got screwed up. See, rain in Los Angeles means clean skies, clean air, clean cars. It means renewal. It means the city’s gotten a fresh start. Instead, we got The Stench. Like someone had just scraped all the gunk out of every dumpster in the […]

Engram This!

The Church of Scientology is opening up a center down the street, around Princeton and Wilshire. Two things about this: 1) I’m a bit surprised there wasn’t one until now. I mean, it’s Santa Monica. There’s enough gullible people and woo-woo attitudes around here for a few of these centers. […]

One Throw

I’ve been wrestling with two different stories for the past week. They both could be good, except that I’ve been too damn lazy to get up and write. This is why I only have two things sent out to the world instead of the five zillion that Jason, Andrew and […]

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