The Church of Scientology is opening up a center down the street, around Princeton and Wilshire. Two things about this:
1) I’m a bit surprised there wasn’t one until now. I mean, it’s Santa Monica. There’s enough gullible people and woo-woo attitudes around here for a few of these centers.
2) So help me God, the first time I get personality junk mail from these people, I’m raising hell. Or bringing a psychiatrist to their front door. Whatever.

Maybe in about fifty years, after the Scientology Reformation, where the True Sons of Xenu clash with the Thetan Daughters, all of this will settle down and Scientologists will be like the Mormons: a little weird, but their missionary work brings potable water and literacy to the dispossessed. But I’m still gonna have a hard time trusting any church with a price schedule and release forms.