Personal Notes

Tenses not to use when referring to self: first person plural, second person perfect, twenty-seventh person semi-perfect, imaginary person imperfect plural, any other weird tense that’s only used by English majors, and third person. That’s one’s right out.

Making Numbers, Part 1

Making Numbers is a novellete I wrote earlier this year. It’s the story of Maggie Tsu-Chen, a burnt out career counselor for uploads (she’s one, herself). She’s one client away from making her Number, thereby meeting her obligation to the System. Take a step Inside, and find out why uploading […]

Thus Beginneth the Whoring

Well, not yet. But in about 24 hours, the Internet Archive will (I hope) approve the podcast I just uploaded. It’s me reading a story I wrote called “Making Numbers.” It’s making the rounds, but I thought it’d be worth sharing now. I got the idea after hearing Cory Doctorow […]

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