I am a great big geek. I know my Xmen from my JLA, I know how to fix a computer, I know my Doctor Who. Having said all that, if anyone every catches me wearing a cape and I’m not at a Halloween party, you have my permission to take […]

Adios, Times!

Cancelled it this morning. It felt good, like the first step in taking something back after all of yesterday’s badness. We were paid up through the end of the year, but we asked for and are getting a refund. Good bye, LA Times. Up yours, Joel Stein, Max Boot and […]

Counting Sheep

I cannot, for the life of me, get to sleep. This sucks in so many different ways. I can’t start writing, ’cause then my brain will spin up and I’ll be up all night. I can’t turn on the tv ’cause it doesn’t help. And I can’t read ’cause it’ll […]

Pissing in the Pool

So, last week the LA Times announced they were going to shake up their Op-Ed pages (translation: going lowbrow), and it was almost like they were reaching out and tweaking me on purpose. On the one hand, Michael Ramirez was gone. On the other, so was Robert Scheer. Patt Morrison […]

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