I got this friendly email from a Sony flack this morning. Note the weird formatting; this thing is a total cut-and-paste job. Not that I expected anything less…

Hello Adam,

Thank you for writing us.

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) has launched a street art advertising campaign as an
innovative way to engage consumers while showing the icon status of the PSP(TM) portable
entertainment system.

The various elements of the campaign, including ‘street art’ style outdoor executions, are designed
to reach a segment of our audience, the urban nomad – consumers who are enjoying their entertainment
on the go in an artistic and creative way.

We can assure you that this is not illegal street art advertising. The wall space, billboards, bus
shelters, etc. are all legally purchased media spaces. This street advertising was just an art style
that we chose to facilitate our message. The owners of the advertising space may decide to take
down the street advertising campaign when the space is re-purchased, or at their discretion, or in
some instances the street art may remain.

If you have further questions regarding this message, please refer to your email case

Michael J.
Multimedia CSR
Sony Computer Entertainment America
Consumer Services Department