Good gravy…

…but that previous post sure sounded like a flashback, didn’t it? Next thing you know, I’ll be bitching about the poor working conditions in the video game industry. But, seriously, Jason…we must dump Office. It’s a moral imperative.

Die, Office, Die!

As we know, that’s German for “The, Office, The,” and anything written in German can’t be bad. I’ve had to use Office in my past two gigs, and I want to find the people responsible for Excel and Outlook 2000 and give them the business. Why do these programs suck […]


…I finished the elephant story. Good God, it felt good to get that sucker off my shoulders. What next? Something new about the Singularity and missionaries, and then an orgy of revision. My goal is to have the elephant story and Making Numbers retooled and sent out by Memorial Day. […]


While I think what The Compact’s actions are admirable, I also think that, when it comes to the underwear thing, they’re a bunch of pussies. I have skivvies from 1999 that I wear all the time. If your ass is so delicate that you need to swap out your undies […]

Groundhog Daze

I got up this morning to the sound of a police helicopter. I’m sure that means six weeks more of something that won’t be good. Also, happy birthdays to Brent Spiner, Shakira and me. If you can’t make the party, you can celebrate by either reading James Joyce (b. 2/2/1882) […]